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Search Filters MongoDB

search-filters compiler for mongodb targets


npm install --save @quenk/search-filters-mongodb


This module provides a @quenk/search-filters compiler for generating mongodb query filters from a source string. It targets the Node.js Driver API particularly the Collection#find method.

To compile a source string, create an instance of MongoDBFilterCompiler, and apply the compile() method. It takes an EnabledPolicies and a valid search-filters source string.

Available Policies

This module ships with the following Available Policies :

Policy Name Type Operators Notes
number number = < > >= <= !=
boolean boolean = < > >= <= !=
string string = != Tests equality.
match string = Converts value to regex.
matchci string = Case-insensitive "match".
date date = < > >= <= != Actual value instanceof Date (UTC)
datetime datetime = < > >= <= != Actual value instanceof Date (UTC)
numbers list-number in !in
booleans list-boolean in !in
strings list-string in !in
dates list-date in !in
datetimes list-datetime in !in

You can specify one of the above policy names in your EnabledPolicies and it will be subsitituted at compile time.

Consult the search-filters docs for more information.

You can add additional AvailablePolicies by overriding the policies argument of the MongoDBFilterCompiler constructor.


import {Value} from '@quenk/noni/lib/data/jsonx';
import {MongoDBFilterCompiler} from '@quenk/search-filters-mongodb';
import {FilterTerm} from '@quenk/search-filters-mongodb/lib/term';

const policies = {

 name: 'matchci',

 age: 'number'

 status: {

   type: 'number',
   operators: ['='],
   term: (field:string, op:string, value:Value ) => 
       new FilterTerm(field, op, value)



const qry = '(name:"sana" or name:="Murr") and age:>20 and status:1';

let mfc = new MongoDBFilterCompiler();

let eResult = mfc.compile(qry);

/* Logs the below or throws if an error occured. 
            {"name":{"$regex":"sana", $options:"i"}},
            {"name":{"$regex":"Murr", $options:"i"}}


Apache 2.0 (SEE LICENSE) file. (c) Quenk Technologies Limited.

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